Wednesday 17 April 2019
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President Trump

President Trump…….who would have thought it was possible.

The bookies certainly didn’t, online betting had Hillary Clinton at 85% chance of winning.  Some of the online betting sites are now licking their wounds after suffering huge losses.

They are not the only ones surprised by this result, I think the whole world was!  Just the same as how surprised we were when Clive Palmer got elected as member for Fisher.  Well now he’s gone and so is his party.  Maybe we will only have to suffer Trump for 4 years and then he will disappear as well.  Maybe he will do a good job, I guess we will find out.

The only people who saw this coming was the makers of the “Simpsons” when they had President Trump in one of their episodes about 20 years ago.  They did it because it was the most outlandish possibility at the time and was a huge joke.

My point is, anything is possible, and some people made a decent amount of money from betting on the impossible.

Now might be a good time to join Ladbrokes or William Hill to find some improbable bets that are paying huge odds.

Or maybe join one of the Lotto sites that will pay hundreds of millions from Europe or the US.

Below is a link to a site that will give many options to Australians to bet on just about anything that can be bet on.
It’s free to join and in many cases you can play the games or free without committing a single cent. That’s a lot cheaper than going to the RSL!!

Good luck everyone.  (Especially when Donald Trump takes the steering wheel)

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